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Water Makes Up Approximately 60% Of Our Bodies. The Quality Of The Water You Drink Affects The Quality Of Your Life.

Island Health Water Systems takes pleasure in providing outstanding service to its clients. All customers receive free installation.


Clean and Safe Drinking Water For Commercial & Residential Customers In Barbados

Island health Water System is a one-stop-shop for all of your water-related concerns. We are an organization dedicated to improving the water quality on the island of Barbados. Our team prides itself on providing and installing only the highest quality water filtration systems for residential and commercial customers in Barbados. 

Island Health Commercial Grade Cooler System Installed At The Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre

“The water filtration system implemented at the Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre is a blessing. We were looking for ways to cut back on our expenses and our bottled water bill was one of our main concerns. We are pleased to have saved significantly and reduce our monthly bill by 300%.

Students and staff of the Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre are elated to have access to clean filtered water and the choice of hot or cold water at the push of a button. The on/off hot water safety switch is a bonus feature we appreciate for our students.

We are very happy with our decision to partner with Island Health Water Systems.”

Tamarah Grimes

Challenor Creative Arts & Training Centre

Just A Few Of Our 600+ Clients

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We offer the most cost-effective solutions for all of your water-related concerns in Barbados.

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Commercial Coolers & Filtration System

Commercial Cooler

Modern designed coolers dispense both hot and cold water and are ideal for an office or at home

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Home Filtration

Water filtration systems that delivers clean, safe filtered drinking water to your kitchen skins

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Whole House Filtration

A home water filtration system that delivers clean, safe filtered water to every faucet in the house.

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Water Distiller

Our distiller provides steam distilled water

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Micheline Waterman

“They offer a great Water Filtration system. We’ve installed the whole house filtration and we’re getting better tasting and quality water.  Also installed is a system to give us Alkaline water.  This is a good investment because I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on bottled water and alkaline water.  Now I can help the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles.”

Andre Lashley

“Excellent service and their products are fantastic.”

Marissa Small

“They have affordable prices, and the water their cooler supplies tastes really good.????”

Felicia Johnson

“Always helpful, great customer service.”

Looking For A Cost-Effective Solution To Your Water Related Concerns In Barbados?

We offer a filtration system that provides Purified Chlorine Free Water with up to 99% of contaminants Removed.


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