Water Makes Up Approximately 60% Of Our Bodies. The Quality Of The Water You Drink Affects The Quality Of Your Life.

EAU-M 5-5 Water Distiller

The EAU-M 5-5 water distiller is the culmination of more than 25 years of distillation manufacturing expertise. Its characteristics and advantages make it the greatest water system for steam distilled water in Barbados.


  • Height 19 3/4” 50.17cm
  • Width 22” 55.88cm
  • Depth 14 1/2” 36.83cm
  • Weight 39lb 17.69kg
  • 220 Volts, 3.4 Amps
  • 50/60 Hertz, 800 Watts

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Distillation & the Hydrologic Cycle

Mother Nature and the sun evaporate moisture from the earth’s bodies of water. This fluid condenses into pure raindrops in the clouds.

Our water distiller produces pure water similar to Mother Nature’s by duplicating the hydrologic cycle inside a stainless steel appliance. The result is consistent purified water through the process of steam distillation.

Unique Features & Benefits

The IHS water distiller will produce approximately 1 gallon of pure water and then automatically shut off.


Our distillers are easier to maintain than others on the market, with the widest lid opening in the industry and a ‘V’ bottom boiler for easy cleaning. This distiller has high-quality power and fan switches, as well as a dependable float switch that protects the heating element from burning out when the water level is low.

Distillation Process

Source water manually enters the boiling chamber and brought to a boiling point. Pure steam rises to the top of the distiller and enters a baffle system, which draws steam toward a finned cooling coil system. As the steam enters the cooling coil, a gas vent releases any volatile gases from the coil. Following condensing, this hot steam becomes pure water which runs through a charcoal filter and is stored in a stainless steel tank.

Water Purification Units Installed In Barbados

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